Important Announcement


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    With ongoing community effort to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Chinese school will be closed beginning Saturday, March 14.

  • Weekday Program:

  • Class Suspended from Monday, March 16 through Friday, May 1

  • Class Resumes Monday, May 4

  • Weekend Program:

  • Class Suspended from Saturday, March 14 through Saturday, May 2

  • Class Resumes Saturday, May 9

Please access this website for any changes to school reopening schedule.

School Closure Update

In accordance with the announcement made by Alameda County Office of Education to extend the County's school closures through May 1, 2020, the Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center will be following this directive.  The Chinese language programs offered by the Center will resume after May 1 (specific reopening dates will be posted on this website).


We will utilize Distance Learning methods to continue educating our students during this extended closure period.  Press the "Distance Learning" green button below to access the webpage explaining our Distance Learning plan in greater detail.


根據阿拉米達縣教育局關於將灣區縣學校關閉時間延長至 2020 年 5月1日的公告,中華文化院將會按照此公告執行。中文學校的語言課程將於 5月1日 後恢復(具體開放時間日期將發佈在此網站上)。


在延長的學校關閉期間,文化院將利用遠程學習方法繼續教育學生。 按下下方的“遠程學習”綠色按鈕,即可訪問該網頁,詳細說明學校的遠程學習計劃。


Distance Learning 遠程學習 Distance Learning


  • 中華文化院暫時關閉學校

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  • 為控制新冠狀肺炎 (COVID-19) 傳播, 文化院從3月14日 (星期六) 開始關閉學校.
  • 週日班:

  • 3月16日 (星期一) 至5月1日 (星期五) 停課

  • 5月4日 (星期一) 恢復上課

  • 週末班:

  • 3月14日 (星期六) 至5月2日 (星期六) 停課

  • 5月9日 (星期六) 恢復上課




  • · 以正體字為基礎, 配合敎認簡體字
  • · 能用廣東話或普通話交談
  • · 能閲讀、書寫中文
  • · 了解中國歷史及文化、地理
  • · 能書寫毛筆字
  • · 掌握中國歌謠及舞蹈的基本技巧
  • · 參與益智身心的活動:聼成語故事,欣賞古詩詞,看中文影片



Offers rich curriculum throughout grade levels (K - 9):

  • · Utilize traditional Chinese characters as foundation for writing, and learn to read simplified Chinese characters

  • · Speak conversational Chinese using Cantonese or Mandarin languages

  • · Read and write compositions in Chinese language

  • · Learn about China's long and rich history, culture, and geography

  • · Use Chinese calligraphy techniques with brush and ink to write Chinese characters

  • · Master the basic skills to singing and dancing in Chinese classical and contemporary styles

· Participate in culturally enriching activities such as learning Chinese proverbs, reading poems, and watching Chinese language videos

Curriculum Details

History and Tradition

Oakland Chinese school students

The Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center provides quality Chinese education to Bay Area youths through its Chinese school.


· Oakland East Bay's largest and longest established Chinese school

· Long successful history of over 60 years

· Non-profit institution established by Shoong Foundation and Oakland Chinatown community

· Provide comprehensive structured Chinese education curriculum based on Chinese language standards

· Utilize effective Chinese language educational material facilitated by experienced teaching staff

· Promote Chinese language and culture and cultivate the educational focus among students

· Teach both Mandarin and Cantonese languages to meet today's needs

· Teach writing of traditional Chinese characters with reading of simplified Chinese characters


Chinese School History


  • 中華文化院提供優質系統的中文教育,是:
  • · 東灣地區最具規模的中文學校;
  • · 歷史最長,始創于上世紀十年代初;
  • · 非營利性質,周崧基金會和社團助學;
  • · 系統性中文教育,設置小學六年、初中三年學制;
  • · 採用適應美國學生特點的教材,加強師資隊伍的建設,確保高質素的教學;
  • · 傳承中華文化傳統,弘揚傳統美德,堅持“教書育人”的宗旨;
  • · 適應形勢的需求,漢字教學“寫繁認簡”,教學普通話和漢語拼音, 亦有廣東話授課。

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Chinese School History