Weekend Program

The weekend program provides an opportunity for students to get exposed to the core Chinese language curriculum, including reading, writing, and conversing with the Chinese language.


The program allows students who cannot attend the weekday program to get a more compact education that provides the foundation for learning about the Chinese language and culture. Although the classroom time is less than that in the weekday program, the student is still exposed to the richness of China's history and culture.


Grade levels are available from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Classes are held on Saturdays only throughout the calendar year. All Saturday classes begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m.






Weekday Program

The weekday program provides a comprehensive Chinese language education to students. The program offers a rigorous structured curriculum that establishes a solid foundation for reading, writing, and conversing in the Chinese language.


The program builds on top of this foundation by exposing the student to China's rich history, legends, culture, and geography. In addition, students develop the ability to compose essays and communicate through correspondence in Chinese with others. By being exposed to the Chinese language on a daily basis, the student will progress proficiently in acquiring strong command of the Chinese language.


Grade levels are available from Kindergarten through 9th Grade. Classes are held on Monday through Friday afternoons of each week throughout the school year.





Summer Program

The summer program provides an opportunity for the student to get exposed to the basics of Chinese language but also participate in activities beyond the standard curriculum. It is a more relaxed program that encourages the students to develop their physical skills and mental acuity.


The students participate in a number of different activities including drawing, singing, dancing, watching Chinese language videos, solving puzzles, sports and playing educational games. These activities are geared towards stimulating the interests of the student in learning about the Chinese language and culture. It is ideal for those who have minimum exposure to the Chinese language as well as those who want to further strengthen their understanding.


The students are grouped by age categories and preference of Chinese language. Classes are offered on Monday through Friday in the mornings and afternoons during the summer months (June-August). 


週末班課程向學生提供中國語文教育, 包括閲讀、寫作、會話。


這些課程是為那些不能就讀週日班的學生而設計, 讓他們有一個合適的時間去認識中國語文及文化。


雖然上課時間比週日班時間少, 但是學生仍能獲得豐富的中國歷史與文化知識。


由幼稚班至六年級, 逢星期六上午9:30AM -- 12:30PM上課。(全年上課)


週日班課程提供全面性的中國語文教育, 有精確嚴密的結構範疇, 旨在幫助學生在中文閲讀、寫作、會話方面建立穩固的根基。


在這個基礎上, 向學生傳授中國悠久的歷史、傳説、文化、地理等。學生也能發展寫作創意, 寫書信與人溝通,學以致用, 最終達到精通中文的目的。





暑期班除了向學生提供中國語文, 亦讓他們參與活動。這課程既輕鬆又能鼓勵學生發展有益身心的體能活動。


學生參與各類型活動, 包括繪畫、歌詠、舞蹈、觀看中文錄像帶、砌圖遊戲和各種有教育意義的遊戲。




學生按年齡和所選擇語言而分組, 於每年暑假 (六月至八月) 舉行,星期一至星期五上午和下午上課。