Center's History

Institution to Promote Chinese Language and Culture

One of the greatest philanthropists of our time, Mr. Joe Shoong, realized the need of a Chinese School within the Chinese community in Oakland during the late forties. With his enthusiasm, leadership and dedication as well as the cooperation of other Chinese community leaders, the Chinese Cultural Center began its construction in 1949. After four years, that beautiful edifice became a reality, and in 1953, the Chinese school started its operation in Oakland Chinatown.


Since the inception of this wonderful institution, a big part of the expenses have been depended upon the support from the Shoong Foundation. Also generous donations from the general public have played a very important part in supporting our financial needs.


Since the passing of the Center's beloved founder, Mr. Joe Shoong, in 1961, his family members continued to direct the Shoong Foundation and provide the needed leadership and dedication. The Shoong Foundation has given the necessary financial and moral support to the Chinese Cultural Center and its Chinese school over the ensuing decades.


We are extremely proud that we have graduated 60 classes in the primary school, 49 classes in the secondary school, and 21 classes in Saturday school over the past 6 decades. We can confidently say that these many graduates have contributed much towards the welfare of our Oakland community as a whole, and the Chinese community in particular.


We not only appreciate the Shoong Foundation's kindness and generosity in supporting our Chinese Cultural Center, but also the many donations and the cooperation of the whole Chinese community in Oakland. The continued success of this Center depends upon each and everyone of us. We must continue our wholehearted support and cooperation with the Shoong Foundation in this worthy cause.







由創校之始,大部分經費由周崧基金會(Shoong Foundation)贊助,各界善長慷慨解囊,鼎力劻勷。 自從我們敬愛的周崧院長於1961年逝世,其家族成員秉承先翁周崧先生仁德,歷年對本校仍提供支持及捐助本校常年的正常費用。