Admissions Procedure


1. All students need to be registered to attend the weekday/weekend Chinese language programs or Saturday dance class.


2. Parent/guardian must bring student to register for classes, and should bring a copy of the child's birth certificate to verify the child's age. The parent/guardian must also present an ID to verify their own identity and relationship to the child.


3. The tuition fee ($235 for fall or spring semester) should be paid by check before student attends first class session.


4. Parent/guardian needs to supply three 1"x1" photos of the child to the school that will be used for establishing student identification cards and administration records.


The Center accepts children from the ages of 5 through 18 years old. The student will be enrolled in the appropriate grade level based upon his/her age and Chinese language skill levels.


The Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center accepts students of all ethnicities and backgrounds, and does not discriminate based upon race, sex, country of birth, and sexual orientation.




1.凡報讀週日班、週末班或舞蹈班, 均須報名.
2.家長/監護人需攜同學童到校填寫報名表格,並出示學童之出生紙,家長/監護人身份證 (ID) 以證明與學童之關係。
3.繳交學費($235.00 秋季/春季),於開課前全數繳交。只接受支票,不收現金。